What’s New of Accurate 5


3 minutes instead of 3 Hours for stamp patterns!

When you meet the revolutionary innovations of Accurate 5, you will bring your extraordinary designs to life very quickly with stamp patterns. Accurate 5 will save you both cost and time, making you one step ahead in the industry.

12 Color Sequins

• With the field filling stamp option, the option of processing stamps from 1 to 12 colors on the same needle at the same time

• Possibility to apply in a short time thanks to the easy selection of 12 color stamps in classic, basic, mixed, area filling flake


• Macro lock filter area fill

• Automatic chain filter application to macro filter edge

• Chain strainer area filling

• Helix drawing application to towel and chain strainer

• Helix drawing lase and cortene application

• Filling of stamps and beads

• Macro field filling

• Filling fields and easy editing

• Different direction of Chinese needle

Accurate 5  Features

Other innovations of Accurate 5

  • To be able to define the color, size and shape of the stamps.
  • Bead identification.
  • Mixed space filling with flakes.
  • User defined stamp attachment.
  • Being able to arrange different stamps on the same line with a special template.
  • 8 stamps support.
  • More powerful database with MS Access.
  • Closing gaps in Chinese needle caused by shrinkage.
  • To be able to use stamps and beads in macro.
  • Throwback effects that can be given angle and space in sewing.
  • Automatic image merging.
  • Barudan format support.
  • The interface that the user can design according to his own needs.
  • Automatic software update.
  • Windows 64 bit support.
  • German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish language options

Sewing Features:

  • 360 degree angle
  • Space or overlap between steps
  • Handwork technique with newly added pattern option

Features That Make Accurate 5 Superior

Stitch Features:

  • 360 degree angle
  • Spacing or overlap between steps

Winding Features:

  • One-button adjustment of the optimum density for winding quality
  • Fast pattern making thanks to snap-in accompanied by vector drawings
  • Adjusting the most suitable density level for the winding quality with a single button

  • Cross wrap techniques

  • Do not leave a gap in the wrap

  • Assigning shapes created in vector drawing mode to wrapping effects

  • Pull-in and out-push in stitch transitions, step narrowing option for intervening separately on the wrapping lower walking seams

  • Mass intervention to the button wrap sections in the created pattern

  • Avoiding distortion of effects by setting percentage sparsity and frequency to button wrap effects

  • Herringbone option for corners in axis wrapping, the option of smoothing the gathered seams in the corners with direction lines and giving a pointed tip to the corners.

  • Applying 3D embroideries with the longitudinal wrap option

  • Enveloping option forming a flat wrap

Chinese needle features:

  • Enabling original designs by creating independent template effects
  • Creating fuller and more voluminous areas thanks to the Chinese needle needles
  • Allowing original designs by creating independent template effects

  • Creating fuller, more voluminous areas thanks to the Chinese needle backing

  • Ability to create rhythm in Chinese needle

  • Assigning the shapes created in vector drawing mode to china pin effects

  • Apply fringing effects to the Chinese needle

  • Applying a gradient transition to the Chinese needle section thanks to the simultaneous input of 10 different parameters.

  • Apply step narrowing to curve scanning directions on the Chinese needle

  • Adding wraps and stitches to the edges of the Chinese needle area

  • Macro-lock slats and slats that prevent disassembly

  • Spiral and s-type stitch feature in sewing.

  • Different effects and fast patterns by sewing with stitch pattern.

  • Chinese needle gradient and fringing feature.

  • Chinese needle automatic contour feature

  • Chinese needle envelope feature gives the pattern 3-dimensionality

  • Convert vector image to drawing and Chinese needle

  • Improved image compositing

Macro Features:

  • Creating special sewing effects and placing them in the area
  • Filling the area filling line in the shortest time with the most suitable passes

Classic Stamp Features:

  • Balanced scale distribution on the coordinate line
  • Possibility to process 12 color flakes
  • Introducing different sizes for each color

Mixed Stamp Properties

  • Automatic field filling in mixed stamp
  • Placing multi-colored stamps within the area
  • Scattered placement of stamps with random distribution feature
  • Choosing different fastening stitching techniques
  • One-touch pattern enlargement and pattern reduction
  • One-click pattern densification and thinning
  • Spacing within the pattern

Double Sided Stamp Features:

  • Seeing bidirectional patterns at the same time
  • Processing 4 different color flakes at the same time
  • Setting unique sequin stitches
  • Easy to use stamp parameter page
  • Auto zoom reduction
Accurate 5  Features


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