About Us

We provide our customers with a wide range of services from Accurate 5 Embroidery Software Program training, technical service and maintenance services to network solutions, camera systems, computer needs and consultancy.

ATA İleri Teknoloji & Bilişim Sistemleri, Accurate 5 Turkey Distributor.

We believe that providing the right service and being permanent will be possible with service management. By analyzing the processes in the service area, improvement suggestions are created and more effective methods or solutions are offered.

We offer our customers the newest and most suitable solutions.

Our values

  • Reliability

  • Sensitivity

  • Customer Focus

  • Transparency

  • Solution-Oriented Thinking

  • Flexibility



ATA İleri Teknoloji ve Bilişim Sistemleri

T: 0212 660 80 82
    0532 296 38 47
   0533 344 99 77

E-mail: info@accurate5.com